PF 2016

31. 12. 2015

Let´s Dance ...


80´s Party in Lucerna is canceled on Saturday, March 2nd.

28. 2. 2013

80´s party in Lucerna Music Bar is canceled for reasons of private afterparty of Czech Lion (annual movie awards) on Saturday March 2nd 2013. This date is 80´s & 90´s party only in Futurum.

PF 2013

30. 12. 2012


80´s & 90´s party

17. 9. 2012

It is a night of 80's music videos and nowadays also 90's where you can listen, dance, watch sometimes even very rare videos, drink, flirt with boys and girls, just to have fun. It has a reason why these parties are so called "biggest meet up event in Prague". You can be 19 or 45 and it's still ok.